Let's travel in time

Our History

In the early 1970s, a Czech immigrant living in the USA, Miroslav Liska, created a revolutionary painting unit which would be known as Airlessco 3100.In 1975, Liska founded Airlessco, which specialized in the production of paint spraying systems. The 3100 turned out to be the product that started a series of efficient and modern paint sprayers, becoming the benchmark for the entire industry.

At the end of the 20th century, Airlesco grew into a leading player in its industry, employing over 100 people.

In 1994, Roman Jaros, Miroslav Liska’s nephew, founded the company, which with time took the name Asteco and became the exclusive distributor of Airlessco products in the Czech Republic.

In 2012, Asteco became a supplier of Graco’s professional spray equipment for foam and polyurea. Earlier, in 2009, Asteco started cooperation with the manufacturer of paint sprayers, Euromair from France.

In 2018, Asteco launched the production of Gunteco PS-1 and Gunteco PS-2 spray guns. That was a huge milestone in our history.

Since 2019, Asteco has been implementing an extensive investment program, the result of which is the launch of the innovative Purteco spray insulation product system and Putzteco high-class putty compounds. Currently, intensive development and certification works are underway on other groups of products – Roadteco, Hydroteco and Coateco.

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