The Putzteco brand covers a wide range of ready-to-use putty compounds for various types of finishing works. The putty is used for pointing gypsum boards and for making gypsum surfaces for paint coatings and wallpapers. It is also suitable for filling cavities, furrows and cracks in plaster.

Putzteco are ready-made masses produced on the basis of hybrid resins, which are characterized by high plasticity, high adhesion to the substrate during application and fine graining. Their biggest advantage is the possibility of applying very thin layers.


Gel hybrid mass PUTZTECO PST 03 for internal use, used to smooth the surfaces of walls and ceilings. It is dedicated for manual and machine application. The mass has properties of high elasticity and thixotropy, which are noticeable during application. The addition of fragrance is an extraordinary advantage, thanks to which the work becomes more pleasant and the investor is pleasantly surprised.


  • Fragrant
  • Thixotropic
  • Elastic Easy to apply and further process (leveling, smoothing, grinding)
  • No cracks on shrinkage
  • For airless application
  • For manual application Low level of dust during grinding
  • Snow-white after drying
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